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Beltway Bandits is a small, casual guild on the Fizzcrank server.

Guild Focus 

Our guild focus is to be able to enjoy as much of the content as possible, but at our own pace. We are almost all adult members with jobs and families, and have varying amounts of time to spend on the game. Our members are involved in many areas of the game: PvP/BGs, leveling, achievements, heroic/regular instance dungeons, crafting/professions and raiding, with varying levels of interest among the group. Our founding members know each other in real life and work/socialize with each other. We want to keep that same atmosphere as we continue to grow.


We are always looking for more mature gamers to run content with, and we have the ultimate goal of growing enough to be able to see more of the current endgame content. Currently, we run content on weeknights, mostly between 8PM and 11PM Eastern Time, and weekends as time permits (optimally after 8PM). We are currently looking to fill all roles and accept all levels and are willing to work with you to improve your character. 

See our forums under General Discussion for the complete Guild Charter.
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